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Who we are We are a no-nonsense strategic and tactical, sales and marketing consulting company . . . that cares about your results.
What we will do for you
We provide actionable and integrated strategic, tactical and creative communication solutions for business professionals. You receive "on-target" solutions that will help move your business ahead. Our work is easily used by
clients . . . it rarely "sits" on a desk.
What we can deliver Our deliverables include:

• business analysis
strategic planning
• project management
• creative/communication development
program execution

Services we provide

If you prefer, we can provide turnkey marketing support from strategy to creative development. Our expertise uniquely qualifies us to be able to help in several areas that include:

• Providing strategic industry, product, competitive or general business analyses and conclusions.

• Developing business building, new industry, new product, or restaged business plans.

• Optimizing a company's positioning, unique point of difference, brand image or marketing efforts.

• Creating exciting, action-enticing creative materials, ads or direct marketing materials.

Our expertise Our expertise is extensive in marketing, sales, research, advertising, promotion and management. We are in our fifteenth year of business, and have experienced solid sales growth. This growth has occurred because we truly care about our customers, work very hard for them and ultimately deliver meaningful results . . . that are actionable now.
Why we are different and better You have many choices in the area of consulting and creative development. ACV is different and better and the only one to choose because we:

• are focused on action

• deliver work you can actually use --- now

• care about your results

• are intelligent, experienced, thorough and fast

• have proven results for Fortune 100 companies

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ACV Associates, Inc.
452 Wall Street
Princeton, NJ 08540
phone 609-497-1400
fax 609-497-0953